Japanese Style Kickboxing

What Is Japanese Kickboxing? Easily Explained For Beginners

Kickboxing is a term that has two meanings. First, it stands for a group of arts that mix kicks and punches together like Muay Thai and Sanda. And, it is also a combat sport on its own created in the 1950s in Japan.

Japanese kickboxing is a hybrid version of karate with full-contact rules, which is based on a mix of Kyokushin karate and Muay Thai rules put into one style of fighting. The founders of this style were Tatsuo Yamada and boxing promoter Osamu Noguchi, who first named their style “Kickboxing.”

Keep reading this article to learn more about Japanese kickboxing. We are going to explore its Japanese kickboxing history and see how it compares with other styles of kickboxing.